Healthy Fare for Kids
Chef: Eric Mansavage | Healthy Fare for Kids

Eric Mansavage

Farmhouse • 228 W Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL • (312) 280-4960
Farmhouse • 703 Church Street Evanston, IL • (847) 492-9700


Eric Mansavage, a proud product of Steven's Point, Wisconsin is passionate about working with local farmers and growers to bring the freshest local produce, meats and dairy to Farmhouse Tavern. Eric's core philosophy is simple, approachable and carefully crafted foods based on the culinary heritage of the Midwest. Under Eric's direction, the Farmhouse kitchen has become known for delicious, locally sourced foods executed with tremendous technique. Eric has led efforts to reach out to various farm-to-fork non-profits and as well as been an enthusiastic advocate for healthy kids food.


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